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strategize the next chapter of your (working) life


You’re doing quite well, but…

You’re a hard working person, a manager or director, business professional or entrepreneur. You are successful, have taken the opportunities given to you. But, have you strategized your next step? No. Is that a problem? Yes, if you have the following thoughts.

  • Is this it?

  • I’m successful, but am I doing what I really want to do?

  • I haven’t realized my full potential, but don’t know what to change or how to change it?

  • I would love to make a greater impact

  • I would like who I am as a person and my look to be on the same page 

  • I have more sparkle than shows at the moment, but styling is not my profession neither is choosing the best colours or finding the right clothes.

You want your next step to do justice to you and your talents and not be ‘just something that came along’. For a business we think it is a must that they make a strategic plan, but for ourselves we don’t. The time has come to seize this opportunity and strategize.

Strategize the next chapter of your (working life) 


But how? By taking action on both your inner self: your vitality, your talents, what drives you as well as your personal image: desired look, style & colours. By tackling both you find out who you are and what you want. And tweek your style and image accordingly. This will give you the confidence and power to show the world who you really are and to make work- and life choices accordingly.

iBounceBack - wo(men) to the top

iBounceBack gives women and men the tools to find out who they really are and to show it in order to make a lasting impact in their work and life and make choices true to themselves.

Make more impact by being your true self

Have the guts to make choices that are true to you and your talent

Fuel your performance in work and life

Sparkle and have a style and wear colours that empower you and make you feel good about yourself

Make a personal brandstatement: this says everything about you!

Female hiker at mountain lake

This is me as I want to be!


Vitalogic model - personal leadership 


I work on the basis of the model below that enables you to answer three essential questions and thrive in work and life.


  • Who am I?

  • What do I want?

  • What is my purpose and how am I going to achieve it?


In the model below you can read (by clicking on the blocks) what the understanding is of the six building blocks of vitality.



How do you achieve this?

An action plan that has proven its worth, you are in control and work with proven methods and models, but in a safe and positive environment. We use the vitalogic model, take a deepdive looking at your talents and what drives you, use feedback from people close to you (who are you, how do you do things, what does your appearance say about your) and an analysis on your image and style. A colour analysis is part of the program. A practical and result driven approach. As your confidence and focus grows the guts to make certain decisions will follow suit.

What is your personal brandstatement?

This program will give you the insight to make your personal brandstatement. It says everything about you. It gives power and focus. You can use it endlessly: when people ask you who you are and what drives you, if in doubt which (life) choices to make, when applying for a job, when buying clothes, when choosing colours, when using social media etc. In other words: this is you.


Nothing is more powerful than when your innerself and your appearance reinforce each other and you have the radiance and ‘je ne sais quoi’ that you’ve always wanted to have. This will increase your confidence and impact and also the impression you make on others. But, even more important is that you feel good about yourself!

Styling is the ability and knowledge to bring your desired look and your choice of clothes on the same page. In the iBB program we focus on your innerself being who are you, what you want and what you want to portray to the world, but we also define what your desired look and personal image is and translate this to your style, clothes and accessories, and also your colour choices. If you wish we can refresh your make-up routine and technique. Styling and colour analysis is an informative and fun process because small changes already have a big effect. Personal shopping (also online) is an option.

What to expect during this program: 

  • What is my style type?

  • Which shapes, materials and prints do me justice and make me feel good?

  • Which colours bring the sparkle and make me feel more powerful?

  • Which accessories such as jewelry, bag, shoes etc. enhance my look and the message I want to communicate?

  • How do I mix and match so that I get the look I desire?

  • I haven’t got a clue where to buy the clothes that are right for me. Where do I find them?



iBB acquintance - free

iBB one-on-one - fixed price 

iBB colour & style consultationfixed price


iBB workshop - customized offer 


iBB keep-the-sparkle subscription - fixed price













iBB acquintance - introduction, do we have a connection?, exploration of your purpose and goal.

iBB one-on-one - intensive one-on-one program. Every session is different, you are the center of attention: a vitality scan, talentanalysis, feedback and style and image analysis. Result: a personal book with your journey and the most important conclusions including your personal brandstatement.

iBB colour analysis & style consultation - A 2,5 hour colour analysis and style consultation in my studio. Find out more about yourself by discovering what your most seasonal colours are and what colours give you a Wow look. Discover what your unique style is and how you can use your colours and style to reach your goals. And it’s fun too! We look at how you can add to your wardrobe, not buy a new one. The consultation includes a colour blending tool that can help you shop your colours and a booklet with useful personal colour and style information.

iBB workshop - teamsession on vitality, talent, style and image. A workshop for both women and men that gets them thinking and encourages them to take steps in their well being and presentation.

iBB keep- the-sparkle subscription – on going sessions every half year.



iBounceBack is the brainchild of Merlijn de Gruijter. I worked for 25 years in the financial industry and arts world, mainly as a manager or director. I have experienced myself what it means to (first) not be seen for who I really am and be less appreciated for my talents and make choices that are (not) good for me. By taking action and getting professional help I was able to change this and have greatly increased my work- and life fulfilment. I have studied economics and have recently done a post-graduate study on vitality and talent management. I am also an image stylist. My love and appreciation of colours is something I have had from a young age. I have a passion for fashion, art, music and travelling. 


My personal brandstatement is: 

Be a peacock among pigeons and never let anyone break your stride! 

Merlijn de Gruijter

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iBounceBack | women to the top

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