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Absolutely fabulous!

This isn’t a story in which I am going to claim that I always feel absolutely fabulous and that I can help you feel fabulous all of the time. If you can let go of ‘always’ then this story is for you.

Shy, highly sensitive but colourful were words that characterized me as a girl and young adult. I preferred a role in the background, but secretly I enjoyed the limelight as well. My various jobs at banks, adventurous travelling and meeting many interesting people helped me to come out of my shell. But still my confidence left something to me desired and I didn’t always feel seen for my true self.

By seeking help the puzzle pieces fell together. It gave me peace and and a happy feeling when I could say this is who I am, this is what I am good at, this is what I want and this is the environment I thrive in. If people can’t relate to this or find me ‘elusive’ as I sometimes hear then that’s fine, but it doensn’t rock my boat. I am more open now and make choices that suit me well. And the beauty is that it seems as if the universe is helping me more. Not always at my desired pace, but I commit myself to enjoying the journey more and not thinking too much about the destination 😊.

What steps can you take to explore your uniqueness:

- Who are you and what gives you energy? To find out, work on your vitality. Know the state of your mental and physical being, but also in which environment you come into your own and what your life purpose is. You can start by filling in the vitascan of vitalogie (see the website

- Knowing what your talents are and what drives you is essential in order to know what makes you unique. TMA talent management has a fantastic analysis for this if you are not sure what your talents are.

- Talk to someone who knows you well, could be a family member, friend or colleague, and ask what he or she thinks is special about you. Ask the person to name the positive things. You can also ask how that person would describe your personal image and style?

- What is your preferred style? My experience is that people find it easier to express this in images than in words. Create a mood board. Cut from magazines or grab images from the internet and you don't have to limit yourself to people and clothes. Images of nature or of buildings or of an interior also say a lot about your unique style.

- Visualize which colours make you happy. If you find it difficult to envision colours then take a look at a picture of the colour spectrum on the internet. The colours that make you feel happy are often colours that suit you and support your uniqueness.

You have to feel it to experience how liberating and exciting it is to know who you are and to embrace it and show it to the world. It's so beautiful that everyone is unique. What more could you want than to embrace and show your uniqueness and realize your dreams.

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